Comments about the show:

Andrew, Newport.  We hired Bob for a Cub Scout banquet. The kids tried so hard to catch him on his tricks, but he blew their minds every time! Great show, we would recommend him to anyone!

Laurel, Eugene. We hired Dr. Delusion with knowing anything about him or his show. We could not be more ecstatic about his show! We had folks age 2 up to 70, they all loved the show. A true master of his craft.

Kendall, Lowell. I will now be a regular at the Blackberry Jam based solely on Dr. Delusion's performance! We had a Blast!

Ted, Special Olympics. What a fantastic show. The Kids loved it! 5 stars!

Jen, Davinci Days, Corvallis. The hard work Bob and his crew put into the show is evident in the quality of their performance. It's rare to have an act perform while the parade is going by and not loose one spectator.

Terri, Florence Fire Dept. It was a true delight to have Dr. Delusions Illusions at our awards banquet. He was able to get several of the guest up on stage to assist him. We all had fun! His crew was very professional and courteous to everyone.